Women are still underpaid and under-represented in business. Many complain they feel invisible. If you believe the hype, women, as they head south of 45, are no longer revered, desirable or valued in this world. While it may all be true, it does not have to be so. Kassandra Behrendt, the creative force behind couture jewellery brand Pagoni, found as she moved through her 50s, she did not want to hide anymore; she wanted to redefine what it means to get older. She gathered a few of her friends for a photoshoot to celebrate being an older woman.

“Women do not have an expiration date. By the time we’ve hit 45, we’ve lived a life filled with errors of judgement, disappointing people, failing at business or marriage, having children, not having them and losing them. We’ve hit rock-bottom, dusted ourselves off and got on with living,” Kassandra said.

It is easy to blame the media about the current status of older women, but there are women who are ignoring the status quo and forging ahead, because to them, age is just a number. Instead women should be told that every year they are on this planet add immeasurable value to those around them. Beauty is more than a slim, young body and a seamless face; there are boundless opportunities still open to a woman as she ages. Older women are risk takers, movers, and trendsetters. They are not afraid to keep having a go and ancient stereotypes of older women knitting and playing bowls are to be shattered.

“People should be tapping into our knowledge, life experience and wisdom, not putting us out to pasture. I’m surrounded by strong, forthright women who are getting on with it and have something to say about getting older,” she said.