Women’s Network Australia in partnership with Navig8 Biz and Ducere Global Business School has announced the inaugural winners of their MBA Scholarships and Her Transformation Program Scholarship.

The first winner, Cassandra Erbs, has 20 years experience in marketing communication and is part of the CSIRO Corporate Affairs team responsible for Missions and Stakeholder Engagement.ย “I work as part of a bold ‘moonshot’ program tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time, such as transitioning to zero emissions or stopping the next pandemic, through to feeding our growing population or ending plastic waste. A Global MBA will enable me to tackle these problems with strategic action and a global perspective,” Ms Erbs said.

The second winner, Katherine Kemp, is a gemologist, jewellery designer and owner of Ruby Red Jewellery, creators of custom-made jewellery. “The Global MBA will create a pathway for me to create a company that is ‘whole’ and is ready to deliver the dreams I hold for it,” Ms Kemp said.

The final winner, Siobhan Whalley,ย lives in Western Australia and is the Managing Director of pirkx, providers of affordable wellbeing benefits for employees.ย “I used to struggle to believe in myself because of past trauma with my abusive ex-husband, but I broke free, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Ms Whalley said.

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