Eloise Wellings, Ubiquinol ambassador, the founding director of her charity Love Mercy, busy mother, and a professional athlete, is passionate about maintaining a heart healthy diet and exercise routine to support optimal health and energy levels. She is passionate about World Heart Health Day, which centres around encouraging global citizens to make a promise regarding dietary, fitness, health and lifestyle changes at work and at home for a longer, better, heart-healthier life for someone they love or care about.

With 4.2 million Australians affected by cardiovascular health issues, cardiovascular health issues continue to be one of the biggest burdens to the economy and remain at the forefront of the health agenda in Australia. Increasingly, natural evidence-based therapies are in the spotlight to support heart health, with researchers reporting advances in understanding the role of Ubiquinol, the active form of the powerful antioxidant co-enzyme Q10 found naturally in the body. Supported by more than 20 clinical trials, the role of co-enzyme Q10 in its most active form, Ubiquinol, is showing promise as an option for healthcare practitioners seeking natural approaches to support their patients’ cardiovascular health.

The Q-Symbio study is one of the first long-term, international studies to show positive effects of co-enzyme Q10 with fewer heart-related complications among the 420 patients treated over a 2-year period. These studies, in conjunction with ongoing heart research in Australia and around the world, presents options for those looking to address their cardiovascular health and provides hope for those seeking alternative solutions in supporting heart health.

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