Emma Norris is an award-wining writer, editor and imperfect action advocate from Sydney, Australia. She’s the founder of A Girl In Progress, a celebrated lifestyle blog for women working on themselves, for themselves.

Norris also hosts the productivity podcast, A Day In Progress, where she interviews inspiring and successful women about the daily routines that set them up for success – giving her a front row seat to the approaches to productivity that work.

Emma has recently released a book titled Progress Over Perfection, the millennial women’s guide to mindful productivity. Drawing upon her own experience with burnout, Emma guides readers on how to achieve their goals without becoming overworked and overwhelmed.

Between her day job, freelance business, the blog and podcast, Emma has a lot on her plate but manages to get it done – and still make time for her health, fitness, relationships and life in general. However, this certainly was not always the case. A couple of years ago, Emma was on the brink of burnout, crying at the drop of a hat.

It was only on a trip to Paris where Emma could not even stop working to enjoy herself that she knew it had gone too far – something had to change. Since then she has carved out a more balanced and mindful approach to productivity, and in Progress Over Perfection, she shares all the incredible things she has learnt over the years about working smarter, not harder.

“Although there are many books on productivity, not many are written for ambitious and driven millennial women who want to get things done, but not at the cost of their physical, mental or emotional health,” explains Emma. “Most books on the subject area advocate a hustle mentality or push the belief that everything needs to be perfectly structured, regimented and organised before you can start taking action.” Progress Over Perfection provides a fresh perspective on this topic. It advocates for a gentler, realistic and imperfect approach that is more sustainable in the long term.

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