Melbourne mum Yolanda Douglas has created Funsquare sofas, Australian made kids sofas that can also be used as human-sized building blocks for imaginative play.

While struggling to find ideas to keep her three-year old daughter entertained during Victoria’s Covid-19 lockdown, and inspired by the open-ended play philosophy, Yolanda saw what she thought was a gap in the market, and created Funsquare Sofas. “We didn’t want our daughter to be sitting in front of the TV for the whole day but couldn’t find anything in the market which allowed her to play and be active indoors, but also allowed her to use her imagination,” Mrs Douglas said.

Open-ended, or imaginative play, is a type of play that encourages children to follow their imagination with no limits or boundaries, often using a simple set of items or materials which can be used for more than one purpose. Blocks are particularly good due to their ability to be transformed into anything that the children want to create. Instead of wooden blocks, however, Funsquare sofas are made with foam and are human-sized so that kids can actually play on and interact with their creations.

The benefits of open-ended play are acknowledged, and include the stimulation of children’s creativity and imagination, fostering leadership and decision-making skills, and developing motor skills, communication, and concentration. In line with 2020 as being the year of the great reset, Funsquare aims to bring back the power of creativity and imagination to playtime.

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