YoWo Music, the Melbourne-based contemporary music program for girls and gender non-conforming youth, has announced that its debut album Work Like That is set for release on 23 November.

Produced with support from Creative Victoria and Australia CouncilWork Like That is a heartfelt collection of songs from Melbourne’s brightest young female and GNC musicians. The album will be preceded by a new single, Built for Boys out 9 November, with the performers celebrating the album release with a show at Melbourne’s Evelyn Hotel on November 25.

Work Like That is a nine-track collection of music, created through guidance and mentorship from professional musicians. Artistic directors of YoWo Music Lena Douglas and Claire Cross both agree that this is a special release. “These are all original songs written and played by teenagers,” says Lena. “Despite us not setting a theme for the album, all the tracks seem to have something in common; they all say something about navigating relationships and trying to find your place in the world.” The album also explores a number of different genres, from pop, rock, jazz, and folk.

According to YoWo participant Isabella Munoz, the process of creating the album from start to finish was a unique learning curve for the artists. “This would be the first time that I’ve done something as important as this,” she says. “Being able to be a musician and release an album with an amazing group of people, both those who I’ve known for a while and those who I’ve met briefly, is such a privilege.  I’m so happy to be involved and to share a part of our creations.” Lena is also excited to hear the new album live for the first time. “Watching the YoWo gigs are some of the most heart-warming experiences I’ve ever had,” she says. “It’s incredibly inspiring to see young people putting themselves out there and going beyond their comfort zone, and makes you want to do the same.”