French native and Californian resident, Bea Johnson has inspired millions with the story of her family embracing a zero waste lifestyle, reducing their annual household waste down to almost nothing. The mother of two has written a book called Zero Waste Home which aims to guide and inspire families to simplify their lives by reducing waste.

Bea’s philosophy follows five simple principles- refuse what you do not need, reduce what you do need, reuse what you consume, recycle or rot (compost) the rest. With these easy steps Bea has been able to transform her family’s health, finances and relationships by reducing their waste to just half a litre per year. Bea is coming to Australia with The Source Bulk Foods to give talks to teach Australians how to begin the journey to a zero waste lifestyle. Bea says reducing waste through initiatives like the zero waste movement is vital for the future of waste management in Australia.

The Source Bulk Foods co-founder Paul Medeiros hopes Australians will be inspired by Bea Johnson’s visit to make small changes of their own to reduce waste. Bea shares her experience in the talks and provides simple ways to reduce waste by offering ideas for better meal planning, how to consume fresh local produce from farmers markets and consuming more bulk, unpackaged foods. “Bea’s message is that no one person has to do everything—the zero waste movement is about a thousand people doing a thousand small things together to make a difference,” Medeiros said. “By adopting even a few zero waste principles, everyone can do something about the amount of rubbish going to landfill. We can even reduce carbon emissions by having an impact on how much waste is produced in the first place.”

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