Toowoomba-based engineer, podcaster, and small business owner Zoe Eather has been announced as a finalist for the Women in Technology’s (WiT) Entrepreneurial Award. Eather is one of three finalists for the WiT Entrepreneurial Award and was selected from a pool of over 150 women from all branches of science and technology.

Now in its 22nd year, the WiT Awards is Australia’s first organisation that brings together and celebrates women in STEM.  The Entrepreneurial Award honours women who launch technologically based businesses and who contribute to the growth of the Queensland economy.

Eather has a background in civil construction, project management, environmental engineering and advanced and emerging transport technologies, which she hopes to use to create technology that will maximise efficiency and convenience for businesses and government as well as improves quality of life for citizens in the community. “My mission is to educate people on what is possible in this space in order to build a better future for all of us tomorrow,” Eather said.  As creator and host of  The Smart Community Podcast, Eather uses the platform to discuss the impact of smart technologies and engage with audiences and experts from around the world.

Having completed a Churchill Fellowship, Eather is currently establishing a boutique consultancy firm, My Smart Community. The firm will offer clients advice of smart mobility and uses smart technology to help regional communities. “I firmly believe that mobility is the foundation of our community. Once governments and councils see the potential and value of Smart communities in rural communities ,the foundational area of mobility will be addressed,” Eather said. “I want to do what I can to solve the technological divide that exists between cities and regions. I want more people to understand that they do not have to move to a city to be successful.”

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