After spending more than five months in hospital with her son, the Chief Wellness Officer of South Brisbane’s ReachABLE Body and Mind knows well what it is like to be stuck in a small space.

But for Adele Maree, living in lockdown didn’t end when they got out of hospital, as she spent many years living life inside caring for her little boy. Everyday she was presented with a different challenge, a new level of fear and even more uncertainty.

In her soon to be released book, Dear Selfless Mama, she writes openly and honestly about how she developed the strength to mother a child with a rare disease. One of the things Adele is most passionate about is movement, which has been the one constant that has helped her navigate through the tough times.

She now shares her love of movement with others at ReachABLE Body and Mind in Woolloongabba, and even lockdown can’t stop her from moving and helping other people move. Adele has taken ReachABLE Body and Mind’s vast array of workouts online and will continue to provide free classes every morning at 6am until the Brisbane lockdown finishes. The classes are open to anyone, all ages, all experiences and she is always ready with modifications for those less mobile. People can join the Reachable Body and Mind group on Facebook and jump on in to grab the Zoom links.

Few people can understand the concept of spending almost five years being in some version of lockdown, however as more uncertainty rages around Brisbane’s latest lockdown, we can begin to put ourselves in Adele’s shoes. What Adele’s story can teach us is that our circumstances don’t have to define our outcomes, and through her free online sessions Adele is making sure to give everyone the chance to look after themselves, regardless of their circumstance.

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