Best known for her long and successful swimming career, Lisa Curry has competed in three Olympic Games, two World Championships and three Commonwealth Games. She was also the first swimmer to represent Australia at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games as a mother.

In 1992, with two small children, Lisa swam her fastest ever time at the Barcelona Olympic Games. Lisa has won four Outrigger Canoe World Championships with her team, the Riggeroos in the 72km race, and in 2005, Lisa became the first Australian to win the Hawaiian Molokai to Oahu 66km solo outrigger race. Lisa has been inducted into the Australia Hall of Fame.

As a highly successful businesswoman, in 2014, Lisa and her business partner, Naturopath, Author, and Women’s Hormonal Specialist, Jeff Butterworth established Happy Healthy You, with their aim to combat the lack of support and education for Australian women seeking a natural alternative to treat and manage various health and hormonal issues.

Happy Healthy You is an Australian-based health and lifestyle eCommerce company committed to providing women with information and natural alternatives to hormonal imbalance. Happy Healthy You encompasses a holistic approach to health care by providing a range of services and natural products to support people in their unique health journeys.

This includes access to a team of professional practitioners (Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Nurses), a range of natural supplements which are scientifically formulated with ingredients that are responsibly sourced and produced in a TGA certified facility in Australia, educational articles, nutritional recipes, health guides, a new probiotic skincare range, and online Practitioner/Clinic consultations.

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