Australian Singer/Songwriter Alex Lahey has recently released her new track, Sucker For Punishment. Sucker For Punishment follows her second album, The Best of Luck Club, which is out now through Nicky Boy/Caroline Australia.

The song, about self-delusion, is written from the perspective of the deluded. Throughout, Lahey’s exasperated vocals are backed by buzzing guitar and a jaunty bass line.  “We’re living in an era we’re the micro has become the macro,” says Lahey. “I don’t think there has ever been a time where our actions and attitudes as individuals have had such an impact on broader humanity and the planet. Whether it’s a ‘think about it later’ attitude towards climate change, the undemocratic consequences of sharing personal data to big business online, a lethargy in the face of political engagement or the need to be validated as a worthwhile individual through obtaining arbitrary units of engagement on social media –  we need to catch ourselves out before we suffer greater consequences.” In conjunction with the new single, Lahey has announced a run of east coast US tour dates, which follow on from a UK run supporting The Regrettes, and a series of solo shows in Australia supporting City And Colour.

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