Amna Karra-Hassan, the Founder of Auburn Girls AFL Club will be presenting at the Women in Leadership Summit 2022 in Sydney from 22 to 25 November. Her topic will focus on Why no one should stop dreaming โ€“ one womanโ€™s bravery changing the face of AFL.

Imagine starting an AFL team with no funding, no coach, and no experience. It takes a strong woman whoโ€™s not afraid to break all the rules to tackle a task this insurmountable. It takes Amna Karra-Hassan. The Founder and President of the Auburn Giants Australian Football Club, Amna Karra-Hassan has pioneered programs for women of minority communities in Western Sydney. As a woman and a Muslim, her road to greatness wasnโ€™t an easy one. But Amna derives her strength from adversity and uses her influence to change the conversation on intersectionality, inclusion, and gender parity. IN this key session, Anna shares her journey and what it took to get what she wanted.

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