Ann Baker has been doing wonders for maths education in Australia for decades. Natural Maths is her consulting business, which she runs with her husband Johnny. Ann and her team do not believe in text books, and as such, they have instead stuck to their own personal method for hands on learning.

Baker has never promoted the huge impact she has had on educating maths. She normally goes to schools (especially in remote areas as she is very passionate about ensuring aboriginal children are exposed to education opportunities) and conducts workshops with teachers. Due to Covid-19, Ann‘s bookings have all been cancelled. However this has just led to new ways of thinking as Ann is about to launch her first first online webinar series to replace face to face workshops.

Natural Maths recognises that teachers are busy people who do not necessarily have the time to troll through mountains of current maths education research. As a teacher, learner, researcher, writer and consultant in maths education for countless years, Ann is passionate about making students’ mathematical journeys as positive and effective as possible. She works alongside teachers in classrooms, offering students rich and purposeful and often challenging activities.

During this process the teachers and Baker study how the students think, represent and communicate mathematically. The activities are always revealing about what the students can do, know and how they think. The observations are always interesting and allow teachers to question and reflect on what they have seen.

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