With a career in health and wellness spanning over 15 years, Erika Bolneo is a scientist by profession, business woman by transition, a self-confessed beauty addict and the completely skin obsessed founder of holistic beauty brand Auki Australia.

Bolneo’s early working years were spent as a personal trainer and wellness coach, before moving to being a research neuroscientist at the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Queensland. Research and product development mixed with an urge to create a holistic beauty line that addresses the need to harness a glow that comes from within, saw the birth of Auki – short for Australian Kalology Inspired – in 2018.

Having struggled with blemishes and adult acne in the past, Bolneo’s personal search for effective natural skincare to address skin concerns like acne, ageing and pigmentation has been long and arduous. This search, grounded by her background in Biomedical Science, propelled her into examining the science behind great skin.

“You glow differently when you’re actually happy,” remains at the heart of Auki, where beauty is so much more than just skincare. Thus, the brand incorporates a health and beauty routine aimed to nourish the body, spoil the skin with the world’s most potent anti-ageing superfood oil – black cumin seed oil – and lots of self care in the form of ritualistic facial massage.

As well as growing the brand, Bolneo plans to undertake a PhD next year. “My professors have invited me back and I recently realised how important it is for me to establish myself as a research scientist. There’s something about knowing you could potentially find a cure, create something that could really make a difference to the community if not the world. It really appeals to me. It’s my heart’s calling.” In the meantime, Auki’s Black Seed Oil products are gift that keeps on giving.

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