Anna Smyrk has released her new single and accompanying music video, “Alight,” which notes the power a small act of hope can bring. Glowing with rich layers of vocals, “Alight” was recorded in a central Victorian farmhouse in the middle of a dry, brown summer when Anna was visiting home for a couple of weeks. It features a band of old friends on violin, banjo, dobro, double bass and drums and Anna’s sister on backing vocals. The lyrical imagery, lush vocal harmonies and rousing arrangement make “Alight” an alt-folk anthem. 

“Alight” rose from a dark place, despite being written during the almost three years that Anna lived in the Solomon Islands. “There was so much going on in world politics making me miserable and in the Solomon Islands I was seeing first-hand what it looks like as the world starts to go underwater,” Smyrk said. The hope centering the single arose after Smyrk read “Hope in the Dark” by US activist Rebecca Solnit“I wanted to write a song that conveyed the feeling this book gave me. It talks about how hope can be an axe we can use to break down doors. Hopeful actions can seem meaningless against all the darkness and uncertainty, but the book shows how, historically, those small acts have added up to huge changes.”

The music video for “Alight” was shot at an abandoned mansion in Tagaytay, Philippines by award-winning Phillipino film-makers Sheron Dayoc and Sonny Calvento. Their latest film won Best Full-Length Feature at Cinemalaya Festival in the Philippines and is currently competing in the Busan International Film Festival in Korea.

“Alight” is the third single to be lifted from Anna Smyrk’s sophomore EP “Swim.” From the sapphire waters of the Solomon Islands to crumbling Cambodian towns, the EP is a collection of songs about Anna’s time spent living in wild places. The next 12 months will see Anna splitting her time between advocacy work in the Philippines and touring her new EP around Australia and the UK. Find dates for Smyrk’s upcoming shows here. 

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