Brisbane local, youth mental health advocate and speaker, Abby McDonald, is campaigning for change in Australian schools and amongst students to eradicate bullying in Australia – and she’s only 17-years-old.

Abby had a difficult time during school from grade one, struggling with bullying and eventually turning to self-harm at the age of twelve and suicide attempts at thirteen. Her story of perseverance after a life-saving experience in the back of an ambulance inspired her to speak out, so others can understand and stop the hardships she endured.

One of Brisbane’s leading web designers, Digital8, has helped Abby set up an established platform to propel her small business, assisting in boosting her profile as a speaker at such a young age. Through this online channel, Abby hopes to grow her presence and provide a space for children, parents, teachers and anyone else who is in need of advice, and to share her story along with words of kindness and assistance.

Abby’s story helps youth, teens and educators understand the destructive impact of bullying and abuse, and the resulting mental health issues they can cause. Abby hopes the schools who hear her message will implement greater measures to address mental health issues such as bullying, so that no one else needs to feel the same sense of hopelessness and isolation that she did.

Bullying is a serious problem in Australia, with three in five students nationally saying they’ve experienced the negative impacts of bullying. She knows that until people are willing to talk about it, bullying will be an ongoing problem in schools. She reaches out to our youth and our schools to help fight bullying and open a pathway to a solution for all the youth who suffer in silence.


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