Jen Robson is a self taught artist based in Mt Tamborine Queensland. Through a range of artistic interests, Jen has created an online gallery & design house based on her original artworks. Being self taught, it has been a ‘map-free’ winding path of new discoveries.

From a young age Jen was interested in helping her Dad fix & build things. Not able to hold her concentration span as long as the job required, Jen would wander off & discover what else was in the shed to play with. Jen can still often be found in sheds & other industrial yards discovering materials & traditional construction methods, trying to figure out how else these new bits & pieces can be transformed into something else. This poking around industrial areas has lead Jen down the path of mixing commercial & traditional techniques, creating inky watercolour based artworks with an industrial twist.

Working from her hand-built studio in the untamed jungle of her Tamborine Mountain backyard, Jen is surrounded by the never ending source of her inspiration. Jen enjoys offering the ability to tell an art story throughout a home or workspace, not just on the walls, but as functional art pieces like textiles, occasional furniture & wallpaper as well. Her latest exhibition, Migration, is based on the contemplation of the movement of people, plants and animals across various environments, over a range of different times and places. Observing the “push and pull” factors of our thoughts and emotions across internal landscapes that create the momentum of movement and change, a reflection of the why, where and how of the individuals journey.

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