Inspired by the sacrifices her own mother made for her precious daughter, Tiffany Shen has decided to act selflessly on an issue close to her own heart, and put herself forward for the title of Miss Australia International to help her own personal mission.

By receiving the title of Miss Australia International, Ms Shen will be guaranteed a greater public profile from which to create public awareness, and provide practical support to charities that work tirelessly to protect children from the horrors of sex trafficking.“Quite clearly, this atrocious crime is trying to stay undetected so that it may continue to profit from illegal, lucrative activities like sex tourism. Stamping out this shocking activity is really just one piece of the puzzle,” she said

Prior to beginning her tireless campaign for the title of Miss Australia, Ms Shen was existing like any other young women in their 20’s, perhaps with the exception of her extraordinary talent for playing piano.“I was fortunate to attend the prolific Shenyang Conservatory of Music for 8 years, and since then (played piano to entertain guests in various venues in Melbourne in recent years. As well as occasionally helping out in administration in my parent’s retail business, I have been running my own thriving beauty business, occasionally attending courses to upgrade my skills.” However, since declaring her intention to compete for Miss Australia, as part of the Miss Australia International pageant, Ms Shen has had to cut back on many of her usual work and social obligations.

Since starting her Miss Australia campaign, Ms Shen has had the honour of being named Ambassador of The Sunlight Foundation. The Sunlight Foundation’s tasks include sourcing and funding medical, health and well-being programs and then making them available to survivors, as well as residential and nutritional projects for survivors and children vulnerable to the trade.

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