Dr Elizabeth Finkel has been awarded the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR)‘s 2019 Medal. Dr Finkel is a trailblazing Australian science communicator, who has received numerous prestigious awards for her science journalism, and has a PhD in biomedicalresearch.

A gifted story teller and communicator, Dr Finkel was the co-founder of Cosmos Magazine. She is also the author of ‘Stem Cells: Controversy at the Frontiers of Science’ which not only provides a clear lay explanation of just what stem cells are, but why they are important for medical research and how Australia found itself in the forefront of stem cell research. 

She has also authored The Genome Generation which covers genetic developments in diverse areas such as medicine, agriculture, and evolution, clearly contextualising their relevant applications to our society. Dr Finkel brings a human face to the science of gene therapy, that bold and amazing idea of treating inherited diseases by replacing the missing gene.

The ASMR Medal was first awarded in 1998 to Professor Peter Doherty, and has since been awarded annually to eminent national and international scientists and advocates including two Australian Nobel Prize winners.

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