Author Alice Zsembery is a mother of two from Melbourne and a down-to earth, intelligent and relatable working woman who has been a maritime engineer, taxi driver, renovator, cleaner, maid, art teacher and household event’s organiser.

Zsembery’s book Real Kids, Real Play has been endorsed by Maggie Dent and also received praise from early years specialists such as kindergarten teachers, playgroup coordinators, paediatric occupational, speech therapists and primary teachers. The book, Real Kids, Real Play (released in late 2019) provides an essential resource to all parents during this time.

The book was written with a desire to reduce the clutter in her house and increase her children’s engagement levels, as well as find solutions for parents, grandparents and carers who may lack the financial means to purchase toys and activities. The book utilises everyday items around the home to create engaging and educational play experiences.

With the reality of school, kinder and childcare closures, and the enforcement of self isolating and social distancing, parenting forums have been inundated with concern over how to entertain and educate children at home. Real Kids, Real Play has 150+ activities to do at home with household items.

Unlike other books out there that outline children’s play activities, Real Kids, Real Play is focused on activities that can be done with everyday household items and with little setup time. With a boisterous pre-schooler, Zsembery also ensured that the book included a range of activities that burn energy and test different skills, such as gross motor skills, STEM etc and do not focus purely on messy crafts.

By providing a quick resource to reference, Zsembery hopes to ease the mental and financial burden felt by so many mothers, fathers and carers these days and help them remember that play can be simple. The book also includes easy recipes for childhood favourites such as play-doh, glue, paint, bath bombs, bubble mix and more.

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