In her new book, Being You, Maggie Eyre sets out guidelines on how to communicate and increase brand awareness, both face to face and across digital platforms, including a comprehensive social media strategy.

Being You provides practical tips to more effectively reach a target audience, while sharing the secrets of some of the world’s biggest personal brands — from Oprah Winfrey to Roger Federer — on how they grew their audiences and achieved success. The book is practical, authoritative, inspirational and illustrated with stories and case studies based on Maggie’s own international work and experience. In this social media obsessed age, there has never been a time when there are so many opportunities to get your personal branding just right – or horribly and very publicly wrong.

For years, Eyre has been helping people navigate the treacherous terrain of managing the way the world perceives them. She is aware that the phrase ‘personal branding’ can make people flinch, weighed down by connotations of contrivances, manipulative self-promotion and half-truths. In the age of the omnipresent selfie, the message Maggie wants people to hear is that successfully managing your image is about authenticity, not duplicity. Being true to your mind, your heart, your values, your passions, and what you believe to be true at the core of your personal and professional self, is what makes you unique — what makes you valuable.

Eyre is an internationally recognised expert in personal presence and leadership motivation, with more than 30 year’s experience in business, public relations and performance. She has trained many senior business executives, public figures and academics to harness their maximum potential and shine with authentic voice and action, and her career is focused on showing clients how to think and act as a personal brand.

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