Melbourne’s indie-noir queens ‘Broads‘ recently announced the launch of their sophomore album Stay Connected, with a performance at Trades Hall’s elegant new music venue Common Rooms, on Saturday November 16. Kelly and Jane have pushed their sound from their acoustic roots into a wider spectrum of colour – with hints at 60s pop, 80s synth, and a driving dark underbelly.

With full band in tow, Broads are set to bring the album to life in full technicolor for their home crowd, with support from The Smallgoods and more special guests to be announced.

Stay Connected has received critical acclaim, including a five-star review from online music magazine Your Music Radar, and a glowing endorsement from You Am I frontman and Double J radio host Tim Rogers, who gushed that the album has him ‘giddy with expectation and curiosity- as if passing a stranger on a street that has the enigma to demand you follow them to the ends of the earth. Do NOT follow that stranger. Leave them be. Buy this LP and let your head and heart do a tarantella. Broads are masterful songwriters and performers. Their new LP is one to follow to the ends of the earth, each step with a grin of expectation. Songs of depth, mystery and mastery.’

Stay Connected is a sophisticated follow up to their successful 2017 debut, Vacancy, which was described by The Music as ‘a mellifluous collection of songs utterly drenched in enticing melodies and harmonies… a simply gorgeous, often haunting, always sublime inaugural full-length outing’. With this second album, Broads have stretched their horizons, introducing new sounds and sensibilities, while maintaining that unique Broads voice – two women side by side, exploring the depths of their experiences. The album has already elicited rave reviews and saw lead single Velvet Paradise race to the top of the Airt It / Amrap chart, being played on community radio stations across the country.

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