Simplicity expert Bronwen Sciortino of SheIQLife found out the hard way the dangers of doing too much with too little in the tank.

“Change and growth is a process but in less than two months since we were moved into isolation, the posts and messages on social media for people to see the positive and make massive changes is a slippery slope,” she said. “We were forced into the coronavirus world with no warning, and with no regard for where we were in our own journeys in dealing with trauma and stress.

“It’s not supposed to be poetic or beautiful; it’s gruelling and uncomfortable. And that’s why mass motivation can be such a danger. It fails to honour the process that will eventually yield ‘change’. Many people were at a point of burnout before this lockdown period. Now, at a time of supposed rest and less activity than usual, people are experiencing additional overwhelming pressure.” During this time, some people are finding the time to flex their creativity while most others are only equipped to survive.

“Many people are simply trying to process this massively traumatic event right now. There’s added pressure, people are drowning under the expectations of what they need just to survive, let alone go above and beyond and use this time `constructively’. The truth is that simply surviving is constructive enough. Just getting through this is good enough.”

Bronwen believes that mass motivation will in return produce massive burnout. It’s the result of one mass traumatic event applied to a population of people with different backgrounds, with different underlying traumas and challenges.

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