Nissy Nassif is the CEO and Director of Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation, a charity that seeks to help families around Australia who are facing financial hardship due to health issues.  Nissy set up the charity, as she wanted to be able to help families around Australia who were suffering financial burden due to medical problems, something that was very close to her heart. A typical day as Wiping Tears CEO involves keeping in touch with the families who are being supported by the organisation and giving them her time and full attention. It’s not just about providing financial support, it’s also about emotional support for those going through some of the most horrible circumstances.

One family, who’s story is particularly touching is that of the Saraza family. 13-year-old Matt was born with Cerebral Palsy to parents Monette and Ronaldo Saraza.  Matt will be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life and can’t talk. His condition means that his parents have been left with hospital bills in excess of $55,000. Day-to-day life is a costly struggle for this family with additional expenses such as a wheelchair, nappies and the fact that Monette needs to be his full time caretaker. Wiping Tears has since paid off Matt’s hospital bills, paid the remainder of the family’s car payments, provided a custom-designed wheelchair for Matt and given them $1,000 in Coles vouchers to assist with daily expenses.

Nissy Nassif commented on the work the organisation has done: “I’ve been fortunate enough to be running this incredible foundation for the last 5 years. Wiping Tears provides a wonderful opportunity for both myself and my husband to give something back to the Australian community. It’s families like the Sarazas that is the reason we started Wiping Tears in the first place. Our goals are to continue the work we do here in Australia and expand to more international work in countries such as The Philippines and Lebanon”, she continued. To begin this international expansion, Wiping Tears has this year donated $5,000 AUD through the Pageant of the World, to projects in The Philippines. The Sydney based charity will continue to work with families in Broome and other regional areas of Australia.

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