Cycling came to Kate through her partner and father of her three daughters, Richard, who is an avid cyclist. Whilst supporting Richard in his training for the Alpine Classic Cycling Event in Bright, Kate decided to take the sport up herself and was quickly hooked. But she fell into a pit of frustration with all the cycling clothes she found. All of them were too small, too short, too uncomfortable, covered in unattractive prints and unpleasant colours, or some combination thereof. “Cycling shops were geared for men. There were a few women’s tops of course but they were skin tight, “blokey” in design.” So Kate set out to solve the problem herself, creating her own brand Dink Design.

After 28 years either working as a nurse, travelling or raising her three awesome daughters, Kate decided to pursue her goal of comfortably clothing the world of female cyclists and created her first range of longer, looser, lycra-free women’s cycling jerseys designed and made here in Australia.

Appearance was a vital component for Kate, wanting the jerseys to be feminine, flattering and appropriately visible on the track, so she collaborated with artist Yvette Harbinson to create some superb and uniquely Australian designs. The fabric is also imbued with anti-bacterial properties to prevent unwanted smells clinging to it. Kate has ambitions to expand into men’s and children’s wear as well. These days, three or four hour rides are no less fatiguing, but a lot more comfortable in clothing that has been designed with women, and their comfort, in mind.

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