Mrs Australia Universal 2019, Upma Kite, a 30-plus year old model, has set out to challenge stereotypes and push the boundaries of the fashion industry. Kite is a national and international model who has been published in various magazines over the years. She has been part of various runway shows in and around Brisbane, and most recently is competing in the Mrs Universal pageant with her title of Mrs Australia Universal 2019. She will be competing against 23 countries to claim her crown of Mrs Universal.

Kite recently grabbed the attention of the modeling industry and others by launching and introducing an all sizes and all ages fashion show: Ravishing Fashionista Fashion Show for Ageless Divas. Women involved ranged from professional models to those who had never walked or modeled before, with this runway show being all inclusive of age, shape, size, nationality and experience levels.

The idea was born when Kite learned that women give up their dreams of pursuing modeling for various reasons whether it be, family circumstances, lack of support, lost confidence, fear and life pressures. In many cases, after pregnancy women lose confidence in their bodies, similarly many women gave up their modeling dreams after being in accidents causing damage to themselves.

Kite, gave these women a second shot and helped build their confidence by instilling positive body image and self-love. With experienced training, guidance and mentoring, these women were able to fulfill their dreams and make their debut on the runway.

Kite knows that breaking stereotypes is never easy and fashion has rarely seen plus-size models in high-fashion shows.

The event had more than just breathtaking gowns, stunning headpieces, and beautiful women, guests were also treated with the true VIP experience. With a red carpet, welcome drinks, cupcakes and the Women Achiever Award being presented to an esteemed guest.

Kite looks forward to her next venture with her new found team of confident ladies.

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