Chelsie Buckley, known as C.N. Doherty, is a mother two and now an author of Little Wood Frog. A story to spark curiosity and initiate conversations, the book is based upon the real wood frogs that live in the coldest parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

As the snow freezes the wood frog they become adept at surviving. Once the winter is over, the frogs hop back into the warmth as though they’d only had a nap. Join Little Wood Frog in his winter sleep and enjoy his magical survival story. Can the Little Wood Frog survive the cold, Alaskan winter? Will he find somewhere to hide?

Reviewed as a “great and fun tale” by a “new author who cares to see children have a story to learn from” by Indiebook, the beautifully illustrated book is now available for purchase. Highly educational and entertaining, the book teaches children not only about survival but about the biological life of Alaska. 

Doherty has spent a lifetime turning her vivid dreams into story ideas or one-off sentences but has finally decided to delve into the world of creating children’s stories, both fictional and educational. Living just west of Brisbane, Doherty loves old film, writing, and timeless Black and White photography. Doherty wrote this book last year after watching a documentary and learning about this species of frog. She put this story together as an educational piece for children and families to read together, for a view on a different type of life cycle. One that hadn’t really been heard of before. This book is designed to encourage families and children to research together, discuss and converse about unheard of creatures. 

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