Concetta Antico, World-Renowned Artist and Tetrachromat, is returning home to Australia to open a new gallery. The Concetta Antico gallery in Paddington – set in a spectacular Oxford Street heritage building – will host its Grand Opening event on Saturday, July 13 from 6 pm to 10 pm.

The Colour Queen, as she is known in the art world, has always been passionate about showing what she sees through her eyes. Her ‘superpower’ – seeing 100 times more colours than a normal-sighted person – has inspired Concetta to share what she sees in a way no other artist has done before. It is this passion of hers that has allowed Concetta to produce vivid art that is truly – spectacularly – unique.

“It’s very important for me to move and inspire others with what I see,” says Concetta. “The world is beautiful and I intend for my paintings to reflect that.”

The gallery exhibition itself runs from July 11 to August 7 in a building that perfectly matches Concetta’s exquisite talent. Spanning 250 square meters and boasting beautiful Victorian architecture, stained glass, mosaic tile flooring, and intricate ceiling medallions, the huge 1899 terrace is designated by the National Trust and is ideally located in the famed arts district of trendy Paddington.

Antico held her last US show in November of 2018 at her San Diego home. That collection of phantasmic paintings sold out even before it officially opened to her audience, much of it to an infamous art collector who plans to donate the work to prestigious museums across the US.

Concetta – who is an extraordinarily prolific master painter in the genre of Sargent, Bunny, Sorolla, Morisot, Monet – sometimes creates as many as three works in a single day. She is ecstatic to be returning to Australia where she will reconnect with her roots, create even more art and continue to influence budding artists. “There are many exciting projects ahead for me in the place where I grew up. I can’t wait to re-enter the Australian art world and – literally – share my vision!”

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