After discovering the surprising gap in the availability of good quality baby footwear in the Australian market, Toni Cochran and her family launched Cute to Boot, specialising in baby, toddler and children’s shoes and accessories.

Ensuring its range of shoes is made using high-quality leathers, suedes and have soft soles, these shoes were designed to be comfortable but to also allow the bones in baby’s feet to develop as nature intended.

Research and passion to fill the void lead Cute to Boot to the shoes they are now stocking in our online store. They are focused on bringing you adorable shoes made from high-quality leathers and suedes with soft soles that will enable your child’s foot to breathe and grow naturally – yet still sturdy enough to see them through their big adventures! The styles and brands chosen are podiatrist recommended and designed to imitate “barefoot” walking to encourage the natural development of a baby’s foot.

This family does not just design and sell shoes, they also believe in supporting the brands that share their passion for creativity, comfort, and individuality. Therefore, we offer the best shoes and accessories and decor for your children from renowned brands including Jack and Lily, Rileyroos, Livie and Luca, Tip Toey Joey, Australian Ugg Boots and our very own Cute to Boot shoes.

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