Katrina O’Connell is defying stereotypes, taking on the male-dominated IT industry with web design startup kmo.

Katrina studied multimedia and IT at university, starting her career in Malaysia. During that time she worked with a team that was one of the first to build a multi-currency payment gateway for both real-time and batch payment processing. “I really enjoy working in an industry that moves quickly,” said Katrina, but she always had her eye on starting her own business.

And so kmo was born. As a Brisbane based web design agency, kmo was established by experienced industry professionals in 2007 and has rapidly grown to become one of Australia’s leading website design and development companies. Today, Katrina’s days are spent calibrating and discussing projects, flitting between tasks and creating digital marketing campaigns, creating a company from the ground up while juggling motherhood with two twin boys, now aged 16. “I love running my own business. It’s something that I have always wanted to do. As with most business owners I love the freedom that I have, on the flip side perhaps that was more of an “idea” of freedom as I tend to find the business does take up most of my time, which is fine because I really do love what I do.”

kmo has a strong technical background, boasting a cohesive team who have worked together for many years, giving them an advantage in the digital marketing area with regard to tracking, data analysis and the ability to deliver advanced reporting. kmo prides itself on offering valuable digital solutions that work for any business. Using the latest technologies and methods its website designers and developers assist companies to take products and services online allowing companies to broaden their market, increase awareness of their offerings, improve distribution channels as well as streamline and automate business processes.

Collecting a myriad of highlights since 2007, Katrina looks forward to the future, excited by what new technologies will bring to her enterprise offering.

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