Dr Tanya Unni is an internationally recognised doctor, skin specialist, brand developer, motivational speaker, columnist, vlogger and award-winning entrepreneur.

Unni has developed an impressive career in Australia over the last 10 years, most recently being named the Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Health and Medicine for 2019 as well as receiving the Global Entrepreneur Award by the Indo American Press Club in October 2019. She has also received the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award in November 2019 and 2018. Dr Unni, along with her husband Dr Ameer, was ranked 18th among the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in Australia, with the duo the only Indians to be included in the list.

Unni is the CEO and Co-founder of Amtan Medical, which has expanded to eight locations and become one of the largest non-corporate medical chains on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Dr Ameer Hamza and Dr Tanya Unni set up their first Amtan Medical Centre in 2010. Amtan Medical provides quality specialist medical care and allied health services to different communities on the Gold Coast. Unni is a skin specialist with extensive experience in Cosmetic Medicine, Skin Cancer medicine and surgery.

In 2018 Dr Unni created her own chain of cosmetic centres, Skin Lab & Beauty. Now as founder and director of three locations, she has combined advanced beauty techniques with medical expertise for all Skin Lab & Beauty services. Dr Unni also founded Australian Skin Life, which develops unique skincare products and devices. Dr Unni and Dr Ameer have also co-founded four cardiology centres and three radiology centres.

Dr Unni is member of Queensland Management Committee, Australia India Business Council. She serves as the National Chair of the Health Chapter of Australia India Business Council (AIBC) and serves as the Editor of the AIBC Newsletter. She is also as a motivational speaker and has been giving speeches at universities, workshops, seminars, public forums etc and she acts as a mentor for several aspiring women entrepreneurs.

In India, Dr Unni runs the Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (EWE), an initiative that supports rape victims, helping them to create income for living and be independent. She is the Chairperson of the NFP O. Chandu Menon Foundation, set up in the memory of Dr Unni’s great grandfather O. Chandu Menon, who was the author of the very first novel in Malayalam literature. The O. Chandu Menon Foundation conducts various literary and cultural activities. Dr Unni is also a prolific dancer and was an award-winning child film actor.

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