Doris Humunicki and Kathrine Baulderstone are two passionate Australian entrepreneurs and directors in their 50s, who aim to redefine how the right makeup can be embraced for maturing women via their brand, Rageism.

According to Kathrine, Australia women over 40 are fed up with the ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to cosmetics and diverse age groups. “Cosmetics used by women used in their 20s and 30s do not cut it for women over 40 and beyond. That is when Rageism steps in,” Kathrine says.

Doris adds that, “At Rageism, we know and respect that our customers have done their homework and are tired of any ‘quick fix’ solutions. They want and demand products which successfully fulfil their needs and answer questions such a ‘how do I stop my make up sitting in my lines and wrinkles?’, ‘how do I cover redness?’, ‘what make up will work on my older skin?’ or ‘how do I apply eye makeup with hooded eyes?’ We are confident that Rageism has those answers.”

Katherine and Doris have a simple focus at Rageism. “We have created a vegan luxury beauty range which does not make any claim on miracle cures, but what Rageism does celebrate and achieve is that it has been uniquely designed and formulated for maturing skin which has distinctive needs.

They are passionate about what customers demand with their makeup. “For some mature women, it is a time for them to be re-introduced to the world of cosmetics having abandoned that part of their lives. And we have other customers who know that their past makeup regime needs to evolve and be fine-tuned with their maturing skin.”

Katherine and Doris want their customers to feel empowered and be more self-assured when it comes to makeup. “With each Rageism product – from our concealer, our award-winning foundation, to our primer, eyeshadow kits, lipsticks and newly released finishing spray, we are meticulous in our approach in creating products which create joy and confidence for our customers.” Katherine states.

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