Michal Weiss is the Principal Product Manager at Advanced Navigation. She plays a critical role in defining the company’s product vision and transforming product ideas into marketable solutions.

During her time at Advanced Navigation, she has led the development of Cloud Ground Control, a revolutionary cloud-based platform that helps companies like Ripper Corp carry out versatile drone missions. Michal has over 10 years experience in product management and a background in GIS, robotics and navigation systems. She is driven by a lifelong interest in creative problem solving. This prompted her to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, majoring in Information Systems.

Michal has over 10 years of enterprise experience in product management and team management. Leveraging her expertise and passion, she has helped companies diversify their portfolio, explore new product ideas through deep market analysis, build winning value propositions and guide development teams to successful launches. A customer-centric leader, Michal also demonstrated success in building and maintaining strong business relationships and partnerships.

In 2020, Michal made the transition to Advanced Navigation, a global leader in AI-based navigation and robotic technologies. As the Principal Product Manager, she now leads the development of Cloud Ground Control, a cloud-based command and control solution for managing uncrewed vehicles. This solution aims to revolutionise the robotics industry by helping companies like Ripper Corp achieve versatile uncrewed missions.

Michal’s career spans retail, fintech, Insurtech, mapping, robotics and navigation systems. During her time at Woolworths Group, she was responsible for the development and deployment of new solutions across 3000 stores.

While at enterprise software company Avoka Technologies (now Temenos), she created relationships with fintech companies to build a marketplace of pre-built integrations, achieving an 85% adoption rate by customers within one year of launch.

While at Nearmap, a leader in providing high-resolution aerial imagery and an ASX 300 listed company, Michal focussed on building new business cases based on customer interviews, market research and data analytics to create additional revenue channels through API integrations and strategic partnerships.  Michal recently participated in The World of Drones and Robotics Congress, which was established in Brisbane in 2017.

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