Globally recognised Australian jeweller, Eliise Maar, has released her latest collection, reintroducing the trend of ring stacking. Each piece is handcrafted by Eliise in her Melbourne studio.

Originally from Estonia, Eliise migrated to Australia in 2013 and started her label in 2015. Her jewellery business stemmed from her love for beautiful gemstones and metals. Her design for each delicate piece draws inspiration from European landscapes, geometric shapes, her cultural background and experiences in life. “I have different jewellery lines that are inspired by different moments and experiences,” she said. “For example, the Frost series is inspired by my Estonian background and the cold winters there.” Adopting a combination of wax carving and CAD methods, each ring design is made from high quality precious metals, such as sterling silver, 9-18 carat gold, and platinum. Complemented with locally and internationally sourced bespoke gems, such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, black and white diamonds, citrine, quartz, morganite, and topaz to name a few, each piece is unique and made to last in excess of 90 years.

Eliise’s brand ELIISE MAAR has been featured in major fashion publications such as Vogue AU, Harper’s Bazaar UK and Elle UK. As with every business, Eliise’s success has not been without challenges. She recalls the hurdles she learned to overcome. “Managing everything at once and having to learn to do everything yourself was definitely a challenge in the beginning, like building websites, product photos, marketing, accounting.”

“I started my brand with no capital,” she said. “Managing with very little at the beginning has been tough but also very insightful and incredibly valuable.” Years of passion and devotion to creating minimalistic jewellery is Eliise’s creative outlet and more than just a business to the talented entrepreneur. Her insightful work, and favourite piece from her new collection, The Storytellers Pendant, features two faces from different angles on one pendant. “I just love the symbolism behind duality and how we each have different parts of ourselves that we reveal in different moments of our lives,” she said.