Six-year old Sydney born artist Ginger Ren Jones-Evans will host her inaugural solo exhibit at 110 Brougham Street on Friday 5 April, in an exhibition launched by iconic Australian fashion designer Alannah Hill.

Ginger’s aspirations to be a professional artist started young, she was just three years old when she began to paint. On display will be 11 acrylic paintings and a video of behind-the-scenes footage of Ginger at work. The gallery space will be dominated by Ginger’s major large-scale works starting at four meters in length.

Mentored by her uncle, artist and architect Dale Jones-Evans, together they have developed Ginger’s love of painting and her creative spirit. “I really love to mix my own colours and get up high to look down at my work. Painting always makes me feel happy,” says Ginger who dreams of being a professional artist. Excitement matters most in Ginger’s process. Her work showcases the delight of childhood spontaneity and unfettered freedom. She enjoys being interactive and immersive with her paintings, letting loose with big, flowing movements and roaming over the large-scale canvas with big brushes. “There’s a wonderful relaxed energy to her paintings,” says Dale. “She paints with her whole form which gives this great expression through body movement.”

Ginger mostly works with abstract thoughts and themes. Dale’s goal is for Ginger to explore her creative side without interference or guidance from him, instead focusing on encouraging her own freedom of thought and creative intuition. “I set up the studio but once the brush is in her hand it’s all hers! Technique and discipline aren’t on my mind at this stage, that will be introduced along the way.” Gingers parents hope to foster her love of art and empower her with self-belief. Through this, they believe Ginger will be able to choose her own path and shape the world around her aspirations.

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