With the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been forced to close their doors. Fiona Kesby, CEO of Global Office Virtual Assistants believes if you are not there yet, it is a great idea to create a COVID 19 response plan to keep your business productive should you have to shut down for a period of time.

Is your team prepared to work from home? They may say they have a home computer, but can it perform as well as the device at the office, or are you creating false expectations for clients around deadlines? You can only manage expectations if you have the assurance that your employees are equipped to deliver results from their homes. Alongside this, is your organisation’s personal data safe?  Go-VA is an offshore outsourcing expert. Kesby offers  some of the top tips from the industry to enable small business to keep operations going.

She has a three step plan to ensure that businesses has the best opportunity throughout this pandemic. The first step is, having a trial run. Have your team utilise their home setup on a chosen day to see if all aspects are working smoothly. This will give you insight into the potential pitfalls you might face when you have to resort to this plan. Preparation is key.

Step two involves making the use of free software. Compare the specs and evaluate the capabilities of your employees’ home devices in comparison with the devices used at work by using a free diagnostic tool. Try the handy dothis.to software – it will give you a complete insight into the capabilities of both devices, giving you a realistic idea of which tasks can and which tasks can not be completed at home.

The final step is understanding the true risks around data security. The truth is that while you may trust your employee, you do not know what kind of environment they are working from. It is extremely difficult to control their environment, and by taking all necessary precautions, it gives you the best opportunity to be secure.

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