Australian mother Jeanie McClymont set out on a quest to “make everyone’s poo and overall gut health better”, to mix up an end to backed-up digestive systems. Drawing on her wealth of knowledge garnered working as a trained naturopath in chemists and health food stores, Jeanie developed goodMix’s Blend11, her Australian made functional food blend.

While many Australians may be coming close to an adequate fibre intake, Jeanie’s concern was with the fibre diversity required to create overall good gut health. A regular intake of diverse fibre (plant cell walls) is needed to cultivate and maintain a healthy and varied gut microbiome. Not happy with the breakfast options available, Jeanie set out to re-think the first meal of the day and carefully crafted, tried and tested Blend11. Loaded with seeds, nuts and a little fruit, Blend11 contains 11 of the finest plant ingredients to support gut microbiome resulting in the “best poos ever”.

To complement Blend11, Jeanie has been developing and perfecting the goodMix collection of five products since 2012 to ensure high quality and efficacy, but also versatility for customers. Blend11, NeoBlend, Pondwater, Bixmix and Ballbags are all notable for being gluten free, nutrient dense, high in fibre, antioxidant rich, zero refined sugars, high in plant protein and containing Australian grown and certified organic ingredients wherever possible.

After establishing a demand locally, Jeanie’s home grown business is now supplying hundreds of retailers nationwide and garnering international reputation throughout the USA with production also happening in a Vermont food hub, supplying local retailers as well as amazon prime.

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