Adelaide based designer Mim Harvey and the team behind her thriving fashion label, HARVEY THE LABEL will showcase their SS19 collection at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in September.

HARVEY will feature in Fashion Palette New York Fashion Week (FPNYFW), an event in New York Fashion Week run by Australian fashion agency Fashion Palette. Fashion Palette assists Australian designers with expanding their business by connecting them with industry professionals, buyers, media and consumers in Australia and the United States of America.

Mim says she can hardly contain her excitement for the label’s first international fashion week appearance. “Although NYFW seems like a big step, it feels natural to showcase there as we are focused on expanding into the US,” says Mim. “We feel so privileged to be part of Fashion Palette, which is renowned for showcasing amazing and innovative Australian labels.”

HARVEY was founded by Mim in 2015 out of her frustration at the lack of quality designer clothing available at an accessible price. HARVEY quickly built a cult following due to its unique multi-way wear feature, which challenges the wearer to find new ways to style the garment. Mim launched her first flagship boutique on Rundle Street in 2017. The success of the in-house designed label and the demand from customers prompted the foundation of two new labels, SEEKER and AILA. “SEEKER is our fast fashion sourced brand; we only have a small run of each style,” says Mim. “AILA is focused on jewellery and accessories – to complement our unique pieces. It’s been amazing to see the label grow so rapidly here in Adelaide, and we can’t wait to see what happens from here.”

HARVEY is currently stocked in more than 180 stores in Australia and the US and is centred around sustainability, quality and versatility.

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