Dr Monique Beedles has always been excited by innovation. Starting her career as a research scientist in an industry with a clear imperative to innovate, Monique became interested in understanding the strategic decisions that enable innovation. This led Monique to pursue her PhD in Corporate Strategy at the QUT School of Management, where she is now an Industry Fellow. As a QUT alumni, Dr Beedles was a winner of the FEW Harvard International Scholarship and attended an executive education program at Harvard Business School in 2012.

Today, Dr Beedles is an experienced company director with more than 20 years on boards. This experience covers commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations. Dr Beedles is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and authored Asset Management for Directors.  Dr Beedles is currently a non-executive director of the Asset Management Council and board member of the Queensland College of Teachers. Dr Beedles is Queensland division director of the Asset Institute.

This extensive background of experience led Dr Beedles to establish her strategy consulting practice, Teak Yew. Teak Yew works with boards and executives focuses on creating value for stakeholders. “In my work as a board director and corporate advisor, I’m passionate about reducing the risks of innovation to improve company performance and create real value,” said Dr Beedles. “Combining my technical understanding with my business experience creates exciting opportunities to drive significant outcomes.”

Dr Beedles is a Certified Asset Management Assessor and has experience in strategic asset management across industries including Mining, Rail, Ports, Utilities and Defence. “In the industries I work with, such as mining, rail, ports, utilities and defence, there is a strong focus on risk management. This is essential, but sometimes it can get in the way of trying new ideas. I’ve created the IDEAS 365 Program to support leaders to implement innovation into the daily work of their teams, to reduce risk, keep control and remain relevant.”

“I relish the chance to help great thinkers bring their innovative ideas to the world.”

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