Leesa Watt, a single mum of three from Brisbane is celebrating becoming a bestselling author this week – after contributing to guidebook The Conscious You – for women to support them in consciously creating their best life. It has become a bestseller on Amazon book charts across the globe, it topped the charts with #1 on Amazon bestseller charts, Women’s Spirituality, Inspirational Spirituality, and Spiritual Gifts at Kindle Store.

Watt has written about living with anxiety for over a decade and how she uses it to now live her best life by running her own social media mentor business. She told her story in the hope of helping others in similar situations and give them the courage, whilst bringing awareness to anxiety globally.

This book was spearheaded by Global Business, Clarity and Success Coach, Alison Callan and features 6 inspirational insights. “Each one of the authors, including myself, has written from our hearts to the readers with the intention of reminding each and every one of you of your power, purpose and inner wisdom,” Alison said.

Throughout the book there are opportunities and tools that the reader can use to become awakened to a more consciously created life and the reader will be shown and supported in how to take ownership of their choices. For Leesa, publishing the book was a dream come true.

“The opportunity to spread awareness around anxiety and knowing that my chapter could help people around the world is just priceless. Becoming a number one bestseller was the icing on the cake for all the hard work we put into creating this amazing book, it truly comes from the heart,” she said.

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