Fashion industry pioneer Jacinta Richmond will be attending the Sydney Retail Festival in September to share her best brand building secrets. More than 200 brands are expected to attend the premium fashion-trade event, including Milonga, Coral & Co, Lyrebird, and Love Revolution.

Showcasing established and newly emerging local and international brands, the Sydney Retail Festival allows buyers, wholesalers, and designers to connect and present their latest collections. Jacinta will be amongst 20 industry speakers presenting at the event.

Renowned for telling it like it is, Jacinta is excited to connect with her audience. “I am honoured to be asked to attend. I will be coming from the angle of brand readiness in terms of forward thinking in design, client base, production capabilities, target markets and quality control. Too many brands are not aware as to whether they have what it will take or not,” says Jacinta. “I hope to visit as many of the stall spaces as possible during my quick visit, and advise those wishing to expand nationally and globally on what to focus on and where to develop.”

With strong industry connections and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Jacinta has captured the attention of fashion industry creatives all over the world. The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival founder is passionate about educating and mentoring growing businesses, having launched various events such as Frocks in the Vines and Off the Rack.

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