North side mum of three Sonia Patrikios had been experiencing ongoing family health issues for a number of years and when she chose to embrace an organic lifestyle, she noticed the benefits of this change.

“Firstly, we switched to organic food,” Sonia explains. “Then I swapped all our home and personal care products to organic alternatives – everything from dishwashing liquid to deodorant.” She developed a passion for organic living and a desire to help more people in her community lead healthier and happier lives. Sonia wanted to make the transition into an organic lifestyle accessible and affordable, and decided to launch The Little Organic Co. in 2016 to make this dream a reality.

Sonia says she is committed to building a community that cares about a healthy future. “There is much more information now around about the benefits of embracing an organic lifestyle,” Sonia says. “People are more aware of what food and products can do to their bodies, and they are seeing the benefits of healthier, more natural choices.” The Little Organic Co. is also a champion of the plastic-free movement and Sonia provides her customers with a number of high quality, sustainable alternatives, both for storing and transporting groceries. “We do everything we can to minimise waste,” says Sonia. “So many customers now bring in their own containers to refill with their bulk orders. They love it! It takes some getting used to but it’s so worth it. Once you’re in the habit, there’s no going back.”

The Little Organic Co. offers an extensive range of affordable pantry staples, refrigerated products, essential oils, cleaning products, skincare, body care, make-up, hair care, baby care and other personal care items. Products can be purchased online, with free collection available from locations on Brisbane’s north side and delivery available for non-perishable items.

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