When Katie Watling reconnected with a high school friend on a yoga retreat she never expected it would lead to her becoming a producer of organic cold-pressed juice cleanses. Katie, 29, is quickly making a name for herself since bringing the renowned Sol Cleanse brand from the Gold Coast to Sydney.

Having already been a well-known and sought after Lash Artist in South Sydney for 6 years, Katie was on a yoga retreat in Bali when she learnt about the benefits of cleansing from Larrissa Cunningham – a Director of Sol Cleanse on the Gold Coast. “When Larrissa told me about Sol Cleanse we both realised that even though we had spent a lot of time apart, we really aligned in our values and the way that we think,” said Katie, who also has a solid background in corporate management and customer service. “At that point I was experiencing burnout and the need for a new challenge. I instantly connected with the heart of the Sol Cleanse brand and knew that bringing such a fantastic sustainable service to Sydney would be my future.”

Katie has also studied a range of healing tools to access the subconscious mind and shift unprocessed memories that cause unwanted emotions and beliefs, and believes this is a driving force behind her personal connection with her new business venture. “As many women know very well, our emotions are hugely linked with food. Sol Cleanse is a powerful tool which supports the unravelling of destructive patterns that no longer serve us in a positive way. We all want to make a living with the business, but our primary focus is about helping people reset and recharge their bodies.”

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