Have you ever wondered what makes people wildly happy? Or keeps them going in challenging times?

Aussie sisters Kelly Jamieson and Abbey Baker, the founder and co-founder of Edible Blooms, are on a chocolate-fueled quest to uncover the secrets to finding more joy, asking well-known and everyday people to share their stories. 

Launching their podcast series This Is Joy this June, the sisters interview each guest about the happiest day of their life and what gives them joy, all while indulging in chocolate. The light-hearted and conversational podcast is part of Kelly and Abbey’s mission to spread joy – whether through chocolate or a set of headphones. Their first guest was Adelaide occupational therapist Nicole Nott, who talks about finding joy in the little frogs that live in a nearby suburban street and her work.

“Finding joy is phenomenal and as an occupational therapist is one of my absolute goals for people,” Nicole says. “For people we are working with, sometimes it can be something so small that’s super important to them. For me, I had a guy who was a real guy’s guy who was really proud and loved doing things for his family and due to an injury he couldn’t do it. I got him a lightweight, plastic, push-start lawnmower – I’ve never seen someone smile so much mowing the lawn,” she said. 

Other episodes feature guests including: MyBudget founder Tammy Barton, who started her business after witnessing how debt was leaving a devastating impact on people’s lives: and Anna Dimond, who founded Palas Jewellery 25 years ago and has won a swag of business awards. This Is Joy is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and most podcast players or at the Edible Blooms website.

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