Ladies Up, a female organisation supporting women in business by Foreva Events Founder Eva Kaszycki, is determined to reduce the 60 per cent failure rate of startup businesses, and to help fellow women in business fight for what they love. Ladies Up hosted its Powerful Business Plan Panel at Wotso Workspace on Tuesday 30 April.

Teaching women the right formula to set solid foundations for their business, this panel discussion focused on the day to day activities of entrepreneurs and startup owners which create the best business outcomes. Business Coach Clare Wood, Health and Happiness Coach Angela Simpson and Coach Kate Caddle were the guest speakers taking women through their best business advice, chatting about the challenges they have faced, and how they have overcome adversity in business.

Clare Wood is a Coach who has helped many women and mothers grow their service based businesses. She does one off sessions, or one-on-one monthly coaching to help guide her clients to success, all while spending time with her husband and two boys.

Angela Simpson is a Female Health  and Happiness Coach, Writer and Speaker. She is the creator of The Gratitude Project blog, inspiring thousands of women to step into their light and live their best life. Angela is also the mind behind 30 Days of Self Care and The Gratitude Transformation and has added cacao filled joy into many kitchens with her recipe book Treat Your Tastebuds. Through her time as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Angela has coached dozens of women personally through her private coaching practice and hundreds more with her online program.

Since 2014 Kate Caddle has coached hundreds of women through the big changes that really, are just tiny shifts. From jealous to grateful, disconnected to intuitive, scattered to aligned, people pleaser to free, Kate has held space for them to get to know themselves, maybe even for the first time.

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