Lanai Carter has been fighting for years for medical-use cannabis to be introduced in Australia and abroad. Having co-founded the advocacy group Medical Cannabis Queensland she has been instrumental in lobbying and petitioning the government in both Queensland and around Australia to enact changes to enable access and improve access for patients.

Lanai’s plight for change stems from her own son, Lindsay,  who needs the drug to combat his severe seizures and brain tumor. Having received drastic results from medical cannabis treatment in the USA (notable shrink in his brain tumor) Lanai’s fight began back in Australia receive approval for further cannabinoid treatment.  In 2016, Lindsay was granted Schedule 9 botanical cannabis in the form of cannabis oil capsules and became the first federally approved patient in Australia to receive such treatment.

Lanai now continues to advocate for improvements for efficient and affordable access to medical cannabis and the protection of human rights. While notable milestones have been reached in her plight she continues to fight for other forms of cannabis treatment such as vaporised cannabis treatment. Her extensive knowledge and dedication surrounding medical cannabis advocacy have resulted in government representatives and international advocacy organisations calling on her expertise; she was invited as a participant in the Global Medical Cannabis Summit at Necker Island in January 2019.

Closer to home, she will be a panelist speaker at the Brisbane Hemp Health and Innovation expo this October 12 and 13. The expo is experiential and educational with interactive activities for all ages alongside local and international exhibitors. HHI expo focusses on health, beauty, foods and beverages, the benefits of the hemp and cannabis plant has to offer and its sustainable options for the future.

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