Leisa Papa is the founder of Little Kids Business, a unique online marketplace stocking a majority of Australian-based brands for children. Leisa’s online store stocks more than 100 kids brands from fashion to wall art, children’s books, electronic toys or baby favourites.

Leisa’s journey towards Little Kids Business started from her own children’s book. “In October 2015 I received my first ever copy of my picture book Daniel and the Dummy Fairy,” said Leisa I was so proud and excited to have written a children’s book dedicated to my two children Daniel and Sophie, however, my excitement soon turned to concern as over the next year I struggled to be found on the internet and make sales.”

The realisation hit that free websites are not free and that the cost of running a small online business outweighed the small profits made. “I knew that working with like-minded people was the answer to creating a profitable business, so I set about developing my concepts to create the Little Kids Business marketplace,” said Leisa.

She began her career as a Sales and Marketing Manager in the tourism industry and her duty was to grow the passenger numbers for some of the biggest travel brands including; AAT Kings, NSW Tourism, P&O, Princess Cruises, and Cunard Cruise lines. In recent years the Pharmaceutical industry was calling, where Leisa obtained a position as Pharmaceutical Business Advisor, where she would provide insights on prescription drug sales for chains such as, Chemist Warehouse and Terry White Chemists.

Having no experience in the IT industry, Leisa Papa believes her previous roles are what shaped her, gaining professional training to add to her University qualifications. She quickly learned what it takes to run a successful online retail business, gaining a true appreciation for how complimentary businesses can flourish by collaboration.

Little Kids Business differs from other online platforms as it believes in quality over quantity and will thoroughly research all brand applications before considering to stock their product. “We are super fussy and only accept applications from Brands with wonderful photography and quality gifts. Every order is placed through us and then it generates directly to the Brand who pops it in the mail,” said Leisa. “We love to support amazing businesses and, though not a requirement, nearly every brand we currently represent is run by a Female. Whether you want to support Claire from Jellystone Designs or Mother and Daughter duo Julia and Dawn who create for Opening Fairy Doors; by supporting Little Kids Business, you are supporting all of these talented Women in business.”

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