MAXON has announced her new single History, a pop-rock belter that reflects on a period of cyclical grieving. To accompany History, MAXON has also released an affecting video; one continuous shot that encapsulates the song’s messages.  Co-written with Nayomi Pattuwage of Like Bear and Cheryl Beattie, the song is evocative of Meg Mac, and feels heavier, rockier – an amalgamation of sound and influence that is MAXON.

Speaking on the personal inspiration behind the track, MAXON says, “I have done so much growing over the past two years and I think History is simply a diary entry in a melody. This song is the first step I’ve ever taken towards bravery and self-acceptance. It’s long over-due and represents a major turning point in my life and I hope my career as well. I’m breaking free from a long standing history of self-doubt, inflicted upon me throughout my life, and I’m burning all those bridges behind me to focus on a productive future full of bravery and self-love. It’s extremely hard to live a full and happy life when a person you love is constantly putting you down. I’m learning to reflect those things now and accept everyone for who they are – because we don’t know what they’ve been through to get to that point. And in turn, accept myself and reward myself more for the progress I am making with my mental health.”

Directed by MAXON herself, the clip is set in an Australian bush landscape with striking and meaningful visuals. As MAXON explains, “I wanted the clip to mirror the song – keeping it raw, dark and brooding. Basically the storyline follows the song lyrics – a girl in desperate need to first, understand why a loved one would hurt her so badly, and second, to rid herself of any self-doubt inflicted upon her time and time again. It was Nayomi’s idea to use fire as a symbol of letting go of the past.” MAXON will be celebrating with an exclusive performance at the Paris Cat Jazz Club.

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