Mika Koelma and Zoë Fehlberg are sisters and the co-founders of Hey Zomi, Australia’s first reusable, Aussie-made menstrual disc.

Spurred on by sub-standard products and inadequate period management, the sisters felt compelled to create something that would empower menstruators, helping them to live life to the fullest, even during their period. They decided they wanted to develop a high-quality, Australian-designed and made, environmentally-friendly alternative. From there, the Hey Zomi menstrual disc was born.

Made from 100 pcr cent medical-grade silicone, with years of innovation and proto-types, the Hey Zomi disc is an uncomplicated, extremely comfortable, and easy and convenient way to manage periods. When inserted, the disc becomes thinner than a tampon, and thanks to its unique handle and soft and supple nature, is undetectable and pain-free to use. The disc’s unique design and medical-grade silicone format means it is able to mould itself to the individual shape and size of the user – regardless of shape, size, or age.

Unlike other reusable period products, the disc cups the cervix fully to ensure no leaks, and doesn’t use suction to stay in position, which some users have reported as an uncomfortable experience with other product alternatives like menstrual cups. This unique positioning means that the disc can stay in place, tucked behind the pubic bone undetected, and allows users to not only go about all-day activities, even strenuous activities like HIIT classes, but users can even have intercourse while using the disc mess-free. A first for period products.

Sustainability is at the core of the Hey Zomi mission. The innovative reusable has an average expected lifespan of a minimum of five years, diverting a huge amount of period product waste from landfill (approx 200,000 tonnes per year). Even the packaging and product mailer bags are compostable. Hey Zomi has also sought partnerships to reflect their belief that every person with a period has the right to basic period care, education, and support. They have joined forces with ‘Share the Dignity’, an organisation focused on bringing an end to period poverty in Australia.

Hey Zomi is focused on creating exceptional reusable menstrual care solutions with an empowering message: have periods on your terms.

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