Rise Early Learning in Surfers Paradise is set to host the powerful Mindful Parenting Workshop with leading mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapist, Amber Hawken on Wednesday 29 May from 6:15pm and 7:15pm. The inspiring workshop is free and has been created especially for parents with the aim of addressing the foundations of inner connection, emotional intelligence, and purposeful living by teaching mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness.

Hawken will apply her scientifically backed studies and techniques and introduce the parents to the basics of mindfulness with the aim of empowering them to face the overwhelming challenges of the parenting world with a calm presence. By combining empowering information and essential take-home tools the workshop will encourage parents to implement small changes in their everyday lives to immediately build emotional intelligence and cultivate calm. Hawken has seven years experience in the fields of behavioral psychology, emotional repatterning and human behavior and philosophy and wants to connect with parents via the workshop to highlight how the stress of everyday life can affect their ability to parent the way they intend to.

“One of the biggest issues we are addressing as parents is stress which can create a disconnect with our children and a lack of presence in our daily lives. I want parents to look at their thoughts and emotions in a way that has more self-regulation to enable a response to our children, rather than a reaction,” said Hawken. “I want to empower every parent at the workshop to know they have the ability to cultivate calm, increase their energy as an individual and connect with their family with just a few minutes of focused practice each day. It is that easy.”

Rise Early Learning prides itself on offering a centre with a strong sense of community with foundations earmarked by its programs that focus on enabling strong parent support and an environment that encourages social and emotional wellbeing. Manager of Rise Early Learning Centre Rebecca Gunn says the Mindful Parenting Workshop forms the basis of this foundation while acknowledging a parent is a child’s number one teacher and the most powerful thing the centre can do in the interest of advocating a healthy child is to ensure the parents are healthy and receive the support they need.

“The Mindful Parenting Workshop is part of a broader effort and intent to support parents to be the best they can be. We are offering parenting education programs on an ongoing basis in an overarching effort to build a pillar of kindness, gratitude and mindfulness amongst our children, parents, and staff,” said Dunn. “We recognise parenting in today’s world is not an easy job and it presents challenges which may not have been relevant when today’s parents were children. We want to provide guidance and support for parents to enable them to be calmer and more present with their children and their families to create a healthier family environment at home and life long relationships with their children.”

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